Expertise to Ride the Wave of the Future

Design Concept

When we develop our products, we do so with the confidence that they will be market leaders. Four factors are key to achieve this goal:

  • -Extremely Rigorous Standards for Reliability
    Tung Yang’s standards for reliability are unsurpassed in the industry, including real time machine testing which assures product reliability in a true dye house environment.
  • -Expertise in Product Design
    Our customers often requires nonstandard or customize machineries, dryers, and stenters. With our expertise we can meet our customer’s requirements.
  • -Convenient Applications
    We make sure that our machineries are easy to implement and use, with clear and complete instructions.
  • -Time to Market
    New technologies are made available to customers in the appropriate “time-to-market". Tung Yang is proud of the reputation acquired by our stable, reliable, high-performance machineries. The products developed by the Tung Yang R&D Team are the best and latest technologies, provide high value at competitive prices, and are crucial in fabric processing.