Assuring Customer Satisfaction

Tung Yang understands the importance of consistent, professional business practices and the success that can only be achieved by providing a service, which ensures total customer satisfaction.

Warranty Policy

Tung Yang offers 1 year warranty for all mechanical and electrical components of the machine. The warranty includes free service and repair for product damages under normal use and not caused by third-party products or components. Tung Yang selects only the highest-grade materials and adheres to a rigorous quality control program with 100% testing. After warranty, Tung Yang will still provide fast service by sending replacement first without compromising customer’s operation. Tung Yang’s customers can have total confidence in our excellent after-sales service.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

A major tool in our Tech Support Section is the dedication of our website to allow customer feedback. Top management is committed to closely tracking every e-mail response and aggressively implementing changes wherever necessary.

Technical Support

Highly trained, dedicated, customer care technicians provide technical support for Tung Yang products. Contacting a technical support specialist via telephone, fax, or e-mail connects you to Tung Yang’s support personnel in our local offices for immediate assistance.