Foundation & Structure for Success

A company’s philosophy provides the foundation and structure that establishes the fundamental direction and practices that lead to success. Tung Yang’s philosophy, initially established by management, has been embraced throughout the firm, leading to our success and satisfaction in the machineries we produce and the service we provide. The core values of Tung Yang are based on four guiding principles.

  • Highest Quality
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Highly Effective Business Operation
  • Win-Win Philosophy

"Highest Quality" - When we say “Highest Quality" we don’t just mean our high-quality machineries; rather, “Highest Quality” reflects every facet of Tung Yang operations—hiring top specialists, using the highest standards of testing, and treating our customers with courtesy at all times. To assure “Highest Quality" Tung Yang has integrated Total Quality Control (TQC) procedures throughout the company. Standardized protocols regulate all employees and company operations and business planning methods. These protocols are periodically evaluated for improvement, while auditing ensures that all employees remain in compliance. Tung Yang’s success proves the value of quality management in our business practices.

"Outstanding Customer Service" - In line with our customer-focused approach, Tung Yang is distinguished by a commitment to deliver flawless service and to exceed customer expectations. The integrity, commitment, and solid reputation of Tung Yang are keys to our outstanding customer service. To give us the tools necessary to gauge customer satisfaction, customers can provide feedback via our website. Communication methods also include e-mail, telephone, fax, and mail. If a concern is technical in nature, Tung Yang’s technical support team and local agencies are available throughout the world. When a customer needs help, Tung Yang is always available!

"Highly Effective Business Operation" – Tung Yang’s business structure is inherently dynamic, continually adopting new techniques and approaches to work more effectively. The key to improve the business operation is to find new ways to create value in our products and services by exploring new markets, embracing new technologies, and expanding our range of products. As a highly focused service and technology company, Tung Yang can respond swiftly to the market’s changing needs. Through Tung Yang’s goal of continuous improvement at every level, the company approaches its business relationships with dedicated professionalism. That doesn’t just mean making promises; it means keeping them.

"WIN-WIN" - This philosophy, envisioned by Mr. Shen Jun Wu, is the underlying foundation for the success experienced by Tung Yang.

“When I founded Tung Yang, I looked for committed, talented people to work with me. Due to their amazing efforts, our growth has been phenomenal. As we achieve success as a global business, everyone who’s involved with us wins, too. Our employees are rewarded with generous compensation and exciting opportunities to develop their careers. We help our customers become successful by providing them with quality products at competitive prices, backed by dedicated service. We work with our suppliers to build long-term partnerships based on respect, professionalism and honesty. We know that when our customers and suppliers are successful, we are also successful—we grow and succeed together.